Hackfall is a beautiful landscape open to all.

Armstrongs Hand Book 1900

ARMSTRONG’S ILLUSTRATED Harrogate Hand Book and visitors’ vade mecum 1900


Hackfall is situated 18 miles from Harrogate, on the other side of Ripon. It may be reached from Harrogate by carriage, or the stranger may take the train to Ripon and a carriage from thence to Hackfall, seven miles. Perhaps the best way is to take the train to Masham — the third-class fare being Is. lOd. Masham is but three miles from the village of Grewelthorpe, close to Hackfall, and an omnibus and other conveyances run between the places. The road from Masham runs across a pleasant open country, including Nutwith Common. One Shilling is charged for admission.

Hackfall is an extensive, well-wooded glen, relieved by many a running brook, steep ascent, and lovely dell. The river Ure courses along at the bottom of the ravine, and embowered paths wind over the rocky heights and down the vales throughout. Art has supplemented nature’s charms, and placed pretty little edifices here and there, where the traveller may rest and refresh himself, or enjoy magnificent views of the glen and its surroundings : — thus “ Fisher’s Hall,” “ Mowbray Castle,” and “ Mowbray Point,” &c., crown the sylvan steeps. Some of these are simply grottoes formed of petrifactions found around, but at Mowbray Point there are two or three apartments, seats tables, &c., for the accommodation of visitors.