Hackfall is a beautiful landscape open to all.

The Weeping Rock

The Weeping Rock is now sadly so overgrown that it is very easy to walk by and not notice it from either direction. In Hackfall’s hey day there was a channel that fed water onto the top of the rock and this cascaded over the side.

Hackfall Wood weeping rock

Today the channel is dry and scrub wood has grown all around. This may be an example of where the protection afforded by SSSI status is at odds with what is best for Hackfall as an outstanding Grade 1 registered garden. It could be argued that Hackfall’s real importance comes from what William Aisalbie made it. There are many ancient woodlands all over the UK and Hackfall does not stand out as an extra special wood but it does stand out as a very special garden landscape. I hope that one day the powers that be will allow the Weeping Rock to be restored and the channel to bring water to the cascade.

Hackfall weeping rock 2009